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OP-ED: Presidents’ Priority dangerous to American citizens

THE WESTSIDE GAZETTE — During the Presidents’ Partial Government shutdown, it is causing as much danger or possibly more danger to everyone and every industry than the Presidents’ Wall dilemma



President Donald Trump (Photo by: Gage Skidmore | Wiki Commons)

By Dr. P. L. Wright Ph.D.

During the Presidents’ Partial Government shutdown, it is causing as much danger or possibly more danger to everyone and every industry than the Presidents’ Wall dilemma. He is still refusing to budge even after nearly a month. Maybe he hasn’t evaluated what he is doing to the American citizens and the country due to his decision to shut down a partial Government. The American citizens are facing mortgage arrears that could in some cases cause them to lose their homes or be evicted from their apartments.

Dr. P. L. Wright Ph.D.

[/media-credit] Dr. P. L. Wright Ph.D.

They are also facing medical dilemmas too. How can the citizens function being without a pay check to pay their bills and take care of their families? Mr. President is putting America at risk in the skies to travel too. His own citizens are seriously in danger to fly anywhere, and so is he. Those persons who guide our airplanes from the airport control towers are working without a pay check too. If they decide to find another job that they can receive their pay check each month, that would cause another danger to our entire country airlines and all the Americans citizens. They are working there to prevent air planes in the skies to help prevent them from crashing into each other or crashing to the ground.

The entire country has been put into danger due to the demands of our country’s’ President. He could also be in danger while in the skies due to the shortage of airlines employees from their specific job positions, like the control towers. It is most dangerous to all the millions of passengers who fly each day in the country everywhere. Many citizens travel to work by plane. Some of them may just be traveling from one place to another to visit with other family members.

Mr. President, Do you realize that the financial crisis you have created is costing nearly as much as what you are asking to build the Southern Border Wall? This is not logical, and it is most irrational thinking for a President of any country to demand of its’ citizens to work without a paycheck not knowing when they will be paid for the work, they are doing due to a partial Government shutdown. Mr. President, do you realize what you are doing, or what you have already done to America and its’ citizens? Are you sure you know what your priority decision is causing to the American citizens? May God forgive you.

The American citizens do not agree to secure the Southern border Wall by your means. is your priority to build this wall so great to you that you are willing to destroy American way of life? All the money in the world cannot prevent any person from experiencing the dangerous impact that is caused by your Partial Government Shutdown. It is the cause and effect that is impacting everyone.? In this matter of dilemma, in answering with a possible resolution to save America and its’ citizens.

A partial government shutdown should end this destruction of America immediately and save our American citizens from more dilemmas and dangers than any of us could imagine. Now can you take that to your bank, Can you Mr. President? Let us stop the disagreeing and come together to solve this dilemma.

This article originally appeared in The Westside Gazette

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Joe Jones

    Joe Jones

    January 19, 2019 at 5:10 pm

    ALL we have to fear is the fear you tell us we have

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