Loretta Lynch on Race, Family and Facing Adversity

Loretta Lynch on Race, Family and Facing Adversity

(CBS News) – On the first day of her job, Attorney General Loretta Lynch was tasked with briefing the president on race riots in Baltimore, reports “CBS This Morning” co-host Norah O’Donnell.

“People have asked me about that. And they’ve said, you know, ‘You immediately had to deal with Baltimore,'” Lynch said. “That’s true, but people in Baltimore have been dealing with those issues for years.”

It hasn’t just been Baltimore though. Incidents in Ferguson, Cleveland and North Charleston have all brought about a discussion of race in America.

“I think what you have seen in some cities and the resulting publicity, has highlighted instances of tension and frustration and negative relationships that have gone on for a while,” Lynch said. “And you’ll talk to community leaders who will say, ‘We’ve been telling you this for years. But no one was listening.’ So it’s hard to say whether it’s a new phenomenon or we’re just paying more attention to it.”