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Voters will issue final verdict on Dallas District Attorney race

NORTH DALLAS GAZETTE — For months now, Republican Faith Johnson and Democrat John Creuzot have strenuously competed to serve as the Dallas District Attorney.



Democrat John Creuzot (at right) and current Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson (seated left) have presented their case for support to the voters. (Photo: David Wilfong / NDG)

By the North Dallas Gazette

For months now, Republican Faith Johnson and Democrat John Creuzot have strenuously competed to serve as the Dallas District Attorney. Throughout the campaign, they have shared their positions and policies. Their supporters have canvassed neighborhoods and passionately presented their case via social media. Now, the final jury in this matter are the voters of Dallas County and they will render their verdict on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Johnson sought to keep the spotlight on the recent successful conviction of Balch Springs officer Roy Oliver, gaining a rare murder conviction after the shooting of Jordan Edwards, 15-years-old.

“For the first time in history – for 45 years – a police officer was convicted of murder – not manslaughter – right here in Dallas,” Johnson recently reminded the audience at the Monday Night Politics, hosted by the Dallas Examiner, a forum held on Sept. 17.

However, in a case which has captured national attention and led to protests in the streets of Dallas, Johnson’s handling of the recent killing of Botham Jean by an off-duty Dallas police officer has remained a key focus for voters. Jean was killed in his apartment by Amy Guyger, who was later fired by the Police Chief Renee Hall.

“I believe a police officer who has shot and killed someone should be treated the same way you or I would if we had shot and killed someone,” Creuzot said.

He then pointed to policies which have given officers 72 hours to file reports, an opportunity to review video evidence and consult with an attorney before issuing their version of events. These policies have been challenged, but in the latest case Creuzot said, “It looks like we’re going back to that.”

Later, at a meet and greet event in Irving, Johnson continued to attempt to set the record straight on the Jean shooting and the public’s perception of her department’s actions.

“That particular shooting took place on the (Sept.) 6th, and of course a lot of people were up in arms,” Johnson said. “The case was turned over to us by the Texas Rangers on Sept. 9. A lot of folks thought people got upset about the search warrant return that was released. They thought that the DA’s office released it and we had nothing to do with it.” Read more of her comments on the Jean case and see the video here.

In a recent interview with the North Dallas Gazette, Creuzot said. “I am the only candidate in this race focusing on ending mass incarceration. Ending mass incarceration requires an acknowledgment of racial and socioeconomic disparities that give rise to mass incarceration. Understanding and acknowledging those facts are the only basis for developing a new approach to end the structural components of mass incarceration.”

Both sides will continue to present their closing arguments until the polls close at 7 p.m. on Nov. 6. Then the final verdict is in the hands of the voters.

This article originally appeared in the North Dallas Gazette.
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