Tristan Walker’s Inspiring Journey to Silicon Valley

Tristan Walker (Courtesy of Fast Company)
Tristan Walker (Courtesy of Fast Company)
Tristan Walker (Courtesy of Fast Company)

PALO ALTO, Calif. (USA Today) — Even here in Silicon Valley, where this generation’s brightest minds dream up big ideas to smash the status quo, Tristan Walker’s level of ambition stands out.

He is not building another social network or a mobile app to solve First World problems, say, how to order a gourmet dinner or hire a private car on your smartphone.

Instead, this 30-year-old is betting he can use his Silicon Valley know-how to take on industry giants and transform the health and beauty market for people of color.

His company is called Walker & Company Brands, and its first product is Bevel, a single-blade razor system for men and women with coarse, curly hair.



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