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The Michigan Citizen Shuts Down The Presses




(The Daily Detroit) – For years, it’s been the Michigan Citizen and the Michigan Chronicle who have been voices from Detroit’s black community. The Citizen has had a progressive profile and a story selection that is sometimes different than the mainstream media … a perspective that was birthed from the eyes of a community organizer, and billed themselves as “America’s Most Progressive Community Newspaper.”

But no more for the print edition of the Citizen, as they have ceased weekly publication with their last edition on December 28, 2014.

The paper was started in 1978 by the late Charles Kelly and Teresa Maxwell Kelly and have been working out of the same building as Le Petit Zinc on Trumbull in Corktown. No plans have been announced as to what’s happening going forward except they say to “connect with the Michigan Citizen via social media to learn of future projects.”


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