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The DL Hughley Show Premieres on TV One

JACKSONVILLE FREE PRESS — Noted comedian, actor and REACH Media Syndicated Radio host, DL Hughley is bringing his own brand of comedy and commentary to TV One.



Comedian DL Hughley
By Jacksonville Free Press
Noted comedian, actor and REACH Media Syndicated Radio host, DL Hughley is bringing his own brand of comedy and commentary to TV One with his new nighttime talk show THE DL HUGHLEY SHOW, premiering Monday, March 18 at 11/10C PM. The show will air four nights a week, Monday through Thursday.
Hughley is one of the most unapologetic voices of our time and does not shy away from controversy. THE DL HUGHLEY SHOW dives head first into hot topics of the day and dishes on the latest news, entertainment, pop culture and what’s trending in social media.
“I’m excited for the opportunity to expand my radio show and bring it to a late night television audience,” said DL Hughley. “I want to talk about things that matter to our community and this show will mirror what everyone is talking about every day.”
Always insightful and informative, Hughley and his co-host Jasmine Sanders use humor to deliver everything from hard news to lighter fare. Featuring stories relevant to a rapidly evolving African American community, the one-hour show, which is a hybrid of Hughley’s existing radio show and fresh content created specifically for a nighttime audience, will offer everything from covering the day’s major headlines and roundtable discussions to celebrity guest interviews and comedy bits.
“We are excited to grow our partnership with an amazing talent like DL Hughley, who’s already a part of our Urban One family,” said Michelle Rice, TV One General Manager. “DL will courageously shine a light on the issues facing black America with his unique brand of humor, intelligence and thought-provoking perspective.”
Shot in a stylized studio, the look and feel of THE DL HUGHLEY SHOW is patterned after a traditional radio show, adapted for television and will be taped in-studio four days a week from Burbank, CA. @4everVaughn
This article originally appeared in the Jacksonville Free Press
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  1. Carol Cottrell

    March 18, 2019 at 11:48 pm

    Since the school scandal and all the rich people paid to have their children get their diplomas,yet no one it talking jail time for these parents, but a black mother can lie about what school district she lives in all for wanting to send her children to a better school gets 7 years. That woman needs to be freed and her record expunged.
    Like the title of the famous author Donald Goings

  2. Sherron Ingram

    March 19, 2019 at 12:17 am

    DL don’t you see how we perpetuate our own raisism? Are we s so ignorant that we can’t see how we as a people denicrate ourselves when we refer to ourselves as black. I really tried to enjoy your show but I couldn’t because I got tried of you referring to us as BLACK! Damn, I think it’s so sad that we can’t see how that description keeps us down & in most cases a target or the victim. BLACK IS NOT A RACE , NOR ITS A COLOR….and ALL MANKIND ORIGINATED FROM AFRICA.

  3. Gil McPhail

    March 19, 2019 at 12:59 am

    I enjoyed your show, but the sound was very inconsistent. Suggestion is lavaliere mics.

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