The Creative Coast Launches Idea Accelerator Bootcamp

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By The Savannah Tribune

The Creative Coast is excited to announce The Creative Coast Idea Accelerator Bootcamp, powered by ATDC, an eleven week educational & mentoring program to help you through determining if entrepreneurship is the path for you.

Taught by Jen Bonnett, Recovering Entrepreneur/ StartupChick and Executive Director of the Creative Coast, with the assistance of a pool of very talented mentors/ subject-matter-experts at every stage, participants will run the gamut from creating a strong “Why” for your entrepreneurship journey, to lean startup principles to validate your customer, to building your financial model, to incorporation structures and end with telling your story to investors, employees and customers.

The Introductory Session is FREE to all interested parties, the cost associated with the entire bootcamp is $100 ($10/week). Participants must register for 1st intro session

The free information session takes place at The Labs at The Creative Coast on Wednesday, February 5th, 6:00PM till 8:00PM.

This article originally appeared in The Savannah Tribune.


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