Courtesy of the Frank Art Gallery

New Art Exhibition: “Into Africa”

SOUTH FLORIDA TIMES — Developed in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund and the Smithsonian Institution, and organized and traveled by the National Geographic Society, “Into Africa” is an exhibition that features the work of one of National Geographic’s most prolific and visionary nature photographers, Frans Lanting. […read more]

Alfred Brownell (Photo by Global Information Network)
Charleston Chronicle

After Risking Life, Liberian Activist Scoops ‘Green Nobel Prize’

CHARLESTON CHRONICLE — Multinational corporations who seek weak democracies, high rates of poverty, and untapped resources, seem to make a beeline for Liberia which has struggled to overcome two wars and the devastating pandemic of ebola. As a result, “Liberia has been taken over by multinational corporations exploiting its resources at the expense of Liberians, especially the country’s working class that serves as cheap labor to these foreign companies.” […read more]

Mozambique (Photo by: GIN)

Oil Barons Bid Billions For Mozambican Oil While Storm Fatalities Spike

CHARLESTON CHRONICLE — e back-to-back cyclones that have ravaged Mozambique are unprecedented in recorded history, the UN said Friday. As more villages are wiped away, a multi-billion dollar bidding war is heating up in foreign board rooms among multinationals eager to extract Mozambican oil. Top bid so far by Occidental Petroleum Corp has reached $57 billion. […read more]

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Obama to further ease Cuba travel, business restrictions Read more:

  [POLITICO] The White House announced Friday that it is relaxing additional restrictions on Cuba regarding travel, commerce and investment, stemming from President Barack Obama’s call to ease Cuban sanctions last December. The regulatory changes include making it easier to travel to the Caribbean country, Read More