Median Single Millennial Wealth by Race & Gender
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PRESS ROOM: Millennial Women are 37% More Likely than GenXers to Live Below the Poverty Line

CHARLESTON CHRONICLE — Millennial women came of age during the Great Recession, the rise of mass incarceration, unprecedented student debt levels, and changing workforce dynamics. […read more]

“I believe that we are in a situation with our city where we can’t wait for change,” said Shelby County Commissioner Tami Sawyer, now an announced candidate for mayor. (TSD File Photo: Lee Eric Smith)
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With confidence and ‘courage,’ Tami Sawyer declares candidacy for Memphis mayor

NNPA NEWSWIRE — “I am running now because when I see our city and I see our people and I look at the conversations that we are having at high levels of leadership, it doesn’t incorporate what is next for the impoverished, people of color, women, every person that is not considered in our vision for Memphis,” said Shelby County Commissioner Tami Sawyer, director of diversity and cultural competence for Teach for America in Memphis. […read more]


Atlanta Ranks No. 1 for Income Inequality

  (Black Enterprise) – Brookings Institution recently revealed a new report comparing cities’ top earning households to their least earning. The report serves as an update to 2014 research exploring income inequality among the nation’s 50 largest cities. The analysis measures the wealth gap between households earning more than 95% of Read More

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Blackonomics: How Much are You Worth?

By  James Clingman NNPA Columnist In a 2010 report titled, “Lifting as we Climb: Women of Color, Wealth, and America’s Future,” posted by Insight – Center for community and Economic Development, a startling and unbelievable statistic was cited.  Written by Mariko Chang, with the help Read More


Ways to Close the Nation’s Wealth Gap

By Charlene Crowell NNPA Columnist   Today, middle class households feel the same financial stress that low- and moderate-income families have borne for years, says new research by the Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED), a national nonprofit organization working to alleviate poverty and create economic Read More


Study Prompt calls for Policy Reforms to Eliminate Racial Wealth Gaps

By Charlene Crowell NNPA Columnist   According to a new research report, America’s racial wealth gaps will persist until public policy reforms provide every family the opportunity to build wealth. Less than Equal: Racial Disparities in Wealth Accumulation, from the Urban Institute’s Opportunity and Ownership Read More

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The Rich are Treated Differently

By George E. Curry NNPA Columnist   F. Scott Fitzgerald got it right when he said the rich are different. We are witnessing that in the sequester fiasco and we heard it in another form last week when Attorney General  Eric H. Holder offered an Read More


America’s Racial Wealth Gap Triples over 25 Years

By Charlene Crowell NNPA Columnist As long as most of us can remember, Black communities have taught and believed that a college education is the key to social and economic advancement. But according to a new research and policy brief by Brandeis University scholars, that Read More


Black American’s Never-Ending Challenge

By Lee A. Daniels NNPA Columnist Within a matter of days late last month, four controversies erupted that acutely underscore the crux of Black Americans continuing challenge in this land. In one, Emory University President James W. Wagner seemed to suggest that the bargaining among Read More