Compton NAACP President Paulette Simpson Gipson (Photo by:

NAJEE’S NOTES: Paulette Gipson provides Compton NAACP with solid leadership

WAVE NEWSPAPERS — Compton NAACP President Paulette Simpson Gipson continues to make black history. […read more]

Musician Bone Davis

HEALTH MATTERS: Bone Davis brings global awareness to sickle cell disease

WAVE NEWSPAPERS — He made a name for himself as a keyboardist, playing rhythm and blues and jazz with a diverse group of music legends including B.B. King, Chick Corea, Les McCann, Con Funk Shun, Nancy Wilson, the Blasters, Poison, Wild Cherry and the Wu-Tang Clan, to name a few. Both of Davis’ parents had the trait. Davis was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia at birth. […read more]