Jewel Burks Solomon
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Breaking Barriers in the “App”lication of Technology

BLACK VOICE NEWS — In honor of International Women’s Day and “the continued urgency of the fight for gender equality,” this month the technology publication Wired featured several women for what it defined as—their success breaking boundaries, making new worlds possible, and setting the stage for the future. […read more]


8 Hidden Features in Windows 10

(Time) – The Windows team went for a “familiar and fresh” look, tucking the fresh features behind the familiar ones Microsoft’s Windows 10 tends to hide some of its coolest tricks, maybe with good reason. Who wants to reboot their computer and find their desktop Read More


Microsoft says Windows 8 sales ‘good’ but will update amid criticisms

[LOS ANGELES TIMES] n the face of mounting criticisms and sluggish PC sales, Microsoft continues to insist that its gamble on the radically redesigned Windows 8 operating system is paying off, if slowly. Tami Reller, the Windows division’s chief marketing officer and chief financial officer, said Read More


Evernote Limits Hack Damage with Good Security Practices

[CIO TODAY] Evernote has been hacked, forcing the online note-taking software to reset passwords for its 50 million users, although any password data that was accessed was protected with encryption. What does this mean for enterprise IT security ? “In our security investigation, we have Read More