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COMMENTARY: Forget the Adversity Score, Just Dump the SAT

NNPA NEWSWIRE — Robert Schaffer, Public Education Director of Fair Test says, “Schools do not need the SAT or ACT – with or without ‘adversity scores’ – to make high-quality, admissions decisions that promote equity and excellence.” In fact, more than 1000 colleges and universities, including half for the top 100 liberal arts colleges, do not use the SAT to evaluate applicants. […read more]

New research has revealed that 78 percent of African Americans believe the country has not gone far enough on the issue of making sure blacks have equal rights with whites
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In Black and White: Key Findings of American’s View on Race in 2019

NNPA NEWSWIRE — According to a recent study by Pew Research, 84 percent of black respondents said people not seeing racial discrimination where it exists is a bigger problem than people seeing racism where it doesn’t exist. Whites were the only group where a majority, 52 percent, said the opposite was true – that the bigger problem is people seeing racism where it really does not exist. […read more]


Systematic Racism in America

By Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr. NNPA Columnist   The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) report on the Ferguson, Mo. Police Department sheds a brighter light on a serious racial injustice malignancy that is not isolated or unique to that besieged city. What the Justice Department Read More


Blacks are Seen as Savages

By Bill Fletcher, Jr. NNPA Columnist   An African American friend of mine keeps asking, in utter amazement, how it is not obvious that there was something wrong when Officer Wilson fired 13 shots at an unarmed Michael Brown.  As she has said:  “Brown was Read More


Republicans’ War on the Impoverished

By Raynard Jackson NNPA Columnist   I have written about the huge opportunity Black dissatisfaction with Obama presents to the Republican Party. It’s time to speak directly to Black Republicans and GOP congressional leadership about dissatisfaction with the loyal opposition. Last week marked the 50th anniversary Read More


Study: Racism May Speed Cell Aging and Premature Death in Black Men

[Raw Story] A study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine this week found that aging was accelerated at the cellular level in African-American men who reported experiencing racial discrimination and who internalized anti-black attitudes. Although it is well-known that African-Americans have a shorter life span Read More


Caribbean Nations United for Reparations

    By Freddie Allen NNPA Washington Correspondent   WASHINGTON (NNPA) – In a move  that has  implications for Blacks throughout the U.S., more than a dozen Caribbean nations have banded together to urge European countries, which profited from the transatlantic slave trade, to begin Read More


Sagging Pants Banned in Some Texas Restaurants

by Cierra Duncan Special to the NNPA from The Houston Defender HOUSTON – Should “sagging” be banned? Some establishments think so. Two Houston McDonald’s locations recently joined the list of Texas restaurants that have banned customers wearing sagging pants with their underwear showing. Signs placed on Read More


Beyond the Rhetoric: Un-United Betrayal in Chicago

By Harry C. Alford NNPA Columnist Like many American cities, Indianapolis was a venue for mass discrimination against Black owned construction business.  I had been working since 1989 to change that.  For the most part, we were very successful.  The “Indy Way” was complete diversity Read More


China in Denial about its Race Problem

Julia Wilson discusses recent changes in China with Jiang Haishan, vice president of the China Executive Leadership Academy Pudong in Shanghai. (Photo by Ann Ragland/NNPA) Atlanta native Carl Humphrey says image of Blacks has improved in China (Photo courtesy of Carl Humphrey). Lynne Coleman (right) Read More