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COMMENTARY: How Evil Are We Becoming?

NNPA NEWSWIRE — Is this an indictment on our current moral ground? Are we indeed becoming that evil? When you casually elect to kill your own, Armageddon has truly arrived. May God save our country? I guess that request is asking God to do something that we won’t do for ourselves. […read more]

The location for Black Mother is Allah’s ancestral homeland of Jamaica. The format is a string of images and scenes that tourists don’t see on perfectly curated sightseeing trips.
#NNPA BlackPress

FILM REVIEW: Black Mother

NNPA NEWSWIRE — The reward for finding the discipline to sit through Allah’s kaleidoscope of HD video, mini DV, 16mm, Hi8 Tape and Super 8 footage are glimpses of Jamaica that convey harsh realism, history, social dynamics, religion, African heritage, prostitution, birth, families, dying and death. […read more]