Artist Lindsey Brittain Collins will receive the Emerging Leader Award presented by Arena Stage on May 21. (Courtesy Photo)

AFRO Exclusive: Area Artist Highlights Black Georgetown, Receives Award from Arena Stage

THE AFRO — An area artist, Lindsey Brittain Collins, has dedicated much of her career to examining topics of economic and social issues through art and is now being honored as an “Emerging Leader,” by Arena Stage at their annual gala. […read more]

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“I Shall Wear A C.R.O.W.N.” California Seeks to Ban Hairstyle Discrimination

BLACK VOICE NEWS — This week under the stewardship of Senator Holly J. Mitchell (D-Los Angeles), the California Senate passed Senate Bill 188 known as the Create a Respectful and Open Workplace for Natural Hair (C.R.O.W.N.) Act. The measure, sponsored by the National Urban League, Dove, Color of Change, and the Western Center on Law & Poverty, and aimed at creating a respectful and open workplace for natural hair, passed the Senate overwhelmingly. […read more]

March For Our Lives has posted several anti-gun violence messages on digital billboards in New York City's Times Square March For Our LIves (Twitter|TNS)

March For Our Lives launches billboard campaign

FLORIDA COURIER — Like ticker tape, the messages quickly scroll on the digital billboards.“I saw my brother get shot. I saw my sister get shot. I saw my son get shot,” the words flow in New York’s Times Square. They are the latest anti-gun violence messages from the March For Our Lives group, which was founded by the survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre last year in Parkland. […read more]

Atlanta Tribune

The Lap of Luxury: The Chatwal, New York

ATLANTA TRIBUNE — The idea of a weekend in New York never stops being exciting. Brimming with culture, trend and spectacle — what draws us to the greatest city in the world is an experience that is familiar and yet somehow new each time. And when the accommodations you choose are prime, everything else is a bonus. Enter: The Chatwal, New York.  […read more]

The result is a continuing cycle of poverty and incarceration that has a devastating impact on families for generations. (Photo: iStockphoto / NNPA)
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Black Men Still Incarcerated at Disproportionate Levels

NNPA NEWSWIRE — “Systemic racism drives both poverty and the mass incarceration of low-income people, especially people of color. This cycle of poverty and criminal justice involvement feeds on itself and creates herculean barriers to achieving economic and social advancement, for those who have been justice involved and for their loved ones,” said Jennifer Jones Austin, FPWA CEO and Executive Director. […read more]

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Commentary: Remembering Dr. King and Adam Clayton Powell

NNPA NEWSWIRE — “Today, 51 years later, we have a generation that knew not Dr. King nor Congressman Powell. And what is even more tragic is that this generation is so social media-addicted that they don’t want to read or hear about anything that is not about them. We must remember Dr. King beyond ‘I have a dream.’ We must remember that he died because of his commitment to our future and life as we now know it.” […read more]

(Photo: iStockphoto / NNPA)

OP-ED: Why the New York City Council Proposal to Ban Menthol Cigarettes is Wrong

NNPA NEWSWIRE — “Seventy-eight percent of the cigarettes consumed in the Black community are menthol-flavored. As the selling of menthol products become prohibited within Black communities, do we honestly believe that people will stop smoking them? It doesn’t take the brilliance of Albert Einstein to recognize the financial opportunity of smuggling in a new supply of menthol products from another state or country. The perfect smuggling model is already in place that of smuggling lower-taxed cigarettes.” — Major Neill Franklin (Ret.), Executive Director of the Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP) […read more]


De Blasio’s Nightmare

  (Politico) – Bill de Blasio, like his progressive political idol Barack Obama, is finding out that you can’t do the New Politics if you don’t pay attention to the old politics. In Obama’s case, it was a failure to recognize the threat posed to Read More


Lela Loren, Naturi Naughton, Joseph Sikora Join ‘Power’ Cast

[UPI] BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Oct. 23 (UPI) — Lela Loren, Naturi Naughton and Joseph Sikora have joined the cast of the upcoming hour-long New York-set drama series “Power,” Starz announced. The show is executive-produced by rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and created by Courtney Kemp Agboh, Read More


New York City Opera Officially Calls It Quits

[Los Angeles Times] New York City Opera, the venerated institution that New York mayor Fiorello La Guardia once affectionately dubbed the “people’s opera,” has officially lowered the curtain for good. The company announced on Tuesday morning that it has begun the process of shutting down and Read More


Stopped and Frisked–and Innocent

By Lee A. Daniels NNPA Columnist   Every year for the past decade, under the agency’s “stop-and-frisk” program, New York City police officers have stopped 500,000 to nearly 700,000 citizens on the city’s streets. Nearly 90  percent of those stopped are Black and Hispanic men, Read More


Few NYC Ad Dollars Spent on Ethnic Media

[THE NEW YORK CARIB NEWS] The Center for Community and Ethnic Media, which is housed at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, is releasing a report today on the advertising practices of New York City’s government. The report documents how little of the city’s ad Read More