As Jazmine Barnes’ mother, LaPorsha Washington, drove them to the store to get items to cook breakfast that morning, the suspects pulled up next to their car around 7 a.m. and opened fire. Jazmine’s mother was shot in the arm, but Jazmine was shot in the head and was lifeless before even making it to a hospital. This situation has been truly traumatic for the parents.

COMMENTARY: Justice for Jazmine

NNPA NEWSWIRE — Many in the Greater Houston community are relieved to know that Jazmine’s killers have been apprehended and may soon face justice. However, the road to finding these suspects has been a real rollercoaster of high emotions and cloudy details. […read more]

Roosevelt Myles
Chicago Crusader

Convicted on a lie

THE CHICAGO CRUSADER — Roosevelt Myles was convicted of first-degree murder after Morris testified in court that he killed Shaharian “Tony” Brandon during a robbery attempt in which Octavius Morris was present. Stuck in a revolving door of five public defenders, Myles didn’t have a chance to defend his freedom his attorneys say. […read more]

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What about Kasandra Perkins?

By Julianne Malveaux NNPA Columnist   By now, it’s old news that Kasandra Perkins was murdered by Kansas City Chiefs football player Jovan Belcher, who was her boyfriend and the father of her daughter. By now we’ve read about how great a teammate Belcher was, Read More