Mahershala Ali (Courtesy Photo)

Mahershala Ali Wins Supporting Oscar for ‘Green Book’

LOS ANGELES SENTINEL — As a central character in a two-man story, Ali was required to be on set nearly every day throughout the shoot. […read more]


The Best Films of 2016

By Dwight Brown (NNPA Newswire Film Critic) As we go forward, movies guide us. They give us directions. They motivate us. They provide rest stops, comic relief and flashbacks to the past. And they reassure us that we will thrive. It’s a perfect time to Read More


Film Review: Moonlight

By Dwight Brown (NNPA Newswire Film Critic) In just his second feature film, writer/director Barry Jenkins tells a compelling story about sexual repression and ambiguity through the eyes of a vulnerable and confused little boy, who grows up to question his sexual identity as a Read More