“Medical students and health workers at UCLA join JusticeLA’s call against new jail construction.” (Source: JusticeLA)

Community Based Treatment, Not Jail Replacement: A New Plan of Care for LA County

LOS ANGELES SENTINEL — Black people with mental illnesses are already overrepresented in our jails and prisons. […read more]


New Study Says Tylenol Numbs Emotions

  (Palm Beach Post) – A new study is stating that painkillers are doing a lot more than dulling physical pain, they’re numbing your emotions as well. The study, that was published in Psychological Science, included Tylenol as well as other over-the-counter acetaminophen medications. To come to this Read More


Rush Limbaugh’s Robin Williams Quotes Draw Fire

(Politico) – Commentators reacted swiftly to condemn remarks conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh made Tuesday during a segment in which Limbaugh suggested actor Robin Williams’ “leftist worldview” played a part in his apparent suicide. Liberal-leaning watchdog group Media Matters accused Limbaugh of “exploiting” Williams’ death to Read More