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2018 Election Results Cast Tony Evers as New Governor

MILWAUKEE COURIER — Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes were elected for governor and lieutenant governor respectively, effectively ending Scott Walker’s attempt at a third term in office. According to the New York Times, Evers received 49.6 percent of the votes and Walker received 48.4 percent. Although, it was a tight race until the very end, no recount was held. […read more]

Former President Barack Obama told the crowd, the only way to make a change is to vote. (Photo by Ana Martinez-Ortiz)
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Barack Obama Visited Milwaukee to Encourage People to Vote

THE MILWAUKEE COURIER — “Don’t boo. Vote,” Obama said. “If you vote things will get better, if you vote in this election it’ll start.”Voting is the key to changing the lawmakers and changing the policies. Obama endorsed Tammy Baldwin for senator and Tony Evers for governor. The power is in the hands of the voters, he said. It’s up to every eligible citizen to vote and to vote early. When people vote, hope happens, and change happens. […read more]