Ortavia Easly is one of the students that the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center staff has been working with during weekly workshop sessions at Kingsbury High School in Memphis, Tenn.
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Memphis-area student to school district: Students need representation on school board

NNPA NEWSWIRE — According to the Shelby County Schools’ website, the district serves more than 100,000 students in 200 schools. However, there is no collective representation of these 100,000 students. A student board member would be able to close the gap left through the current school board structure. […read more]

One of The Every Student Succeeds Act’s (ESSA) primary mandates involves building systems of support for educators through the use of additional funding and initiatives provided in Title II.

COMMENTARY: What More Can Be Done Under ESSA to Support Highly Qualified Teachers

NNPA NEWSWIRE — Teacher concerns transformed into organized protests when, in early 2018, the West Virginia teacher’s strike made headlines, lasting over 2 weeks. Local education activists and teacher advocates forced the state legislature to address many of their concerns through the statewide strike. Afterwards, teachers returned to their classrooms with a 5 percent pay raise. […read more]

Dr. Queen Shamala Sykes
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Blackbutterfly Soul Songs—Explores the Long and Winding Path of Soul Exploration

BLACK VOICE NEWS — Sometimes it is not the big things that guide us in our quest for answers to these timeless questions, but instead, can be one of the 10,000 little things that can occur in our daily lives—incidents that to others, might go unnoticed, ignored and/or are quickly forgotten. For Queen Shamala it was indeed one of those 10,000 little things that for her, has lingered as inspiration for a lifetime. […read more]