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COMMENTARY: Reports on Russian Influence Campaign Highlight Importance of Black Press Today

BLACK VOICE NEWS — For the past 191 years, the Black Press has been a steady beacon of truth and perspective for the Black community. […read more]


Chinese Hackers Target US National Security Think Tanks

(ZDNet) – The Chinese cyberattack group Deep Panda has compromised national security think tanks using sophisticated techniques designed to steal confidential data concerning US foreign policy, according to security researchers at CrowdStrike. The CrowdStrike team say that “several” national security-based think tanks have been compromised in the Read More


Evernote Limits Hack Damage with Good Security Practices

[CIO TODAY] Evernote has been hacked, forcing the online note-taking software to reset passwords for its 50 million users, although any password data that was accessed was protected with encryption. What does this mean for enterprise IT security ? “In our security investigation, we have Read More