Tracing African-American Family Trees

Danica Smithwick, THE JACKSON SUN     (The Jackson Sun) — To commemorate the 150th anniversary of “Juneteenth,” African-American Freedom Day, the Freedmen’s Bureau will launch a campaign urging volunteers to join in their efforts to index millions of family records into an online database Read More

Press Room Salutes the Rich Legacy of Black Newspapers During NNPA Foundation’s Black Press Week March 19-21

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                   Contacts: Jackie Willis, NNPA Nichole Taylor, African Ancestry, Inc.  AFRICANANCESTRY.COM SALUTES THE RICH LEGACY OF BLACK NEWSPAPERS DURING NNPA FOUNDATION’S BLACK PRESS WEEK MARCH 19-21 NNPA Chairman Cloves Campbell Will Learn of his  African Roots as Part of Annual Event Read More