Derrick Hollie is the founder of Reaching America, which addresses complex social issues impacting African American communities today. These issues include Energy Poverty, Education, Justice Reform, Occupational Licensing and Free Speech.
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OP-ED: Offshore Exploration Promises Jobs, Affordable Energy

NNPA NEWSWIRE — Communities don’t have to be located in energy-producing regions to benefit from the U.S. energy revolution. But it helps. That’s why coastal states have so much to gain from the Interior Department’s upcoming offshore energy plan. And that’s why organizations like mine are speaking out in support of offshore natural gas and oil exploration. […read more]

You or your child may disregard subjects like science, technology, engineering and math in school now, but they could be the ticket to a better life.
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HOLLIE: STEM — Another Way Out for African Americans

WASHINGTON INFORMER — STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering and math are subjects being touted by the educational sector to help propel kids into careers that will soon, if not already, dominate industries across the country. Real jobs, with real salaries, and a real path to develop a sustainable future. Contrary to what some people say – it’s not nerds who hold these positions – it’s smart people, making a good living. […read more]