Several analysts point out that racism is one of the main engines and expressions of the counter revolution. This is best illustrated by the fact that the National Assembly is overwhelmingly white, while the Constituent Assembly appointed by Maduro much more accurately reflects the makeup of the country. (Photo: iStockphoto / NNPA)
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Latest US Attempt at Regime Change Hits a Snag

NNPA NEWSWIRE — The human toll is also staggering. Noted economist Jeffrey Sachs has said that since 2017, 40,000 Venezuelans have died because of the sanctions. Critics blame the sanctions and corruption and mismanagement of the Maduro government for shortages of food, medicine and other basic commodities and the collapse of oil prices and the strangulation of the economy by the US has made the lives of Venezuelans still in the country a living misery. […read more]

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Obama to further ease Cuba travel, business restrictions Read more:

  [POLITICO] The White House announced Friday that it is relaxing additional restrictions on Cuba regarding travel, commerce and investment, stemming from President Barack Obama’s call to ease Cuban sanctions last December. The regulatory changes include making it easier to travel to the Caribbean country, Read More


CARICOM Science Delegation to Visit Cuba

  ST GEORGE’S, Grenada (Caribbean News Now)—A Caribbean Community (CARICOM) science delegation is to visit Cuba in an effort to strengthen technology links between the region and its Spanish speaking neighbour. The delegation will be headed by Professor Harold Ramkissoon, chairman of CARICOM Science, Technology Read More


Cuba Faces Challenges in Push to End Dual Currency

[Tampa Tribune] HAVANA — Cuba is the only country in the world that mints two national currencies, a bizarre system that even President Raul Castro acknowledges is hamstringing the island’s socialist economy and must be scrapped. Exactly how to do that is the problem. Months Read More