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Cadence Bank tips to improve your credit score to buy a house

DEFENDER NEWS SERVICE — Are you thinking about buying a home? Given the importance of your credit score in the mortgage loan application process, it’s smart to take steps to boost your score before applying for a home loan. Here are five strategies that can help improve your credit score: […read more]

Financial Management

Prepare to Prosper Part 4: Get Smarter About Credit

Today, most people carry some amount of debt. This may include student loans, personal loans, or credit card bills. And sometimes it may be challenging to prioritize these debts over other everyday expenses. But making a plan to manage your payments and balances can help. These nine tips may help you prepare to take small steps to managing your debt and improving your credit. […read more]


How Not to Pay Your Bills

  (CBS News) – Americans increasingly are falling behind on their auto and student loans, new figures from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York show (see chart at bottom). If you’re struggling to pay your bills, here’s how you can contain the potential damage to your Read More


Americans in Debt

Shocking report declares 77 million U.S. citizens in debt by Ashley Montgomery Special to the NNPA from The Miami Times It is no secret that Americans have some serious issues when it comes to debt. A recent report released by the Urban Institute titled, “Delinquent Read More


4 Ways to Build Credit Without Credit Cards

[] So you want to avoid credit cards, eh?   Honestly, when you realize that a credit card is just a little plastic card with your name on it and an imprint of a banking institution you take away its power.  Credit cards are not Read More


To Catch A Creditor

[New York Times] IN 1999, Judy Ann Thomas of Elyria, Ohio, applied for a loan. But the bank mixed up her record with the file of a Utah woman named Judith Kendall — their Social Security numbers have seven digits in common. Because Ms. Kendall Read More


Credit Check can be a Barrier to a Job or Promotion

By Charlene Crowell NNPA Columnist   As Black America continues to struggle with high unemployment rates, a new research report by Demos, a public policy organization titled, Discredited: How employment credit checks keep qualified workers out of a job, unveils how the use of credit history Read More


Blackonomics: Borrowing? Read the Fine Print

By James Clingman NNPA Columnist Have you noticed the television commercials that offer loans of various kinds or another enticements such as auto leases and insurance policies for the elderly?  These commercials are laden with information that appears on the screen for a few seconds Read More


Credit Card Reform Fears Never Materialized

By Charlene Crowell NNPA Columnist   Since the enactment of the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act of 2009, consumers have benefited from more transparent pricing and improved ability to manage credit card debt. Although 68 percent of consumers had a credit card Read More