The St. Luke Penny Savings Bank in Richmond was one of the first Black-owned banks in the United States. (National Park Service; Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site)
Black History

The Untold Stories of Blacks in Business

THE WESTSIDE GAZETTE — While most Black businesses showed surprising growth and diversity leading up to the Civil War, what enabled their success was the Black participation in the banking system. Leading into the early twentieth century, Black-owned insurance companies, caterers, funeral homes and burial services were among the emerging industries for Black entrepreneurs. […read more]

Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
Black History

Gates examines period after Reconstruction in new book

FLORIDA COURIER — At the end of the Civil War, Sidney George Fisher, a White gentleman from Philadelphia, declared, “It seems our fate never to get rid of the Negro question.”  Although slavery had been abolished, “the problem – what shall we do with the Negro – seems as far from being settled as ever. In fact it is incapable of any solution that will satisfy both North and South.” […read more]

Dr. Elizabeth Primas is the program manager for the NNPA’s Every Student Succeeds Act Public Awareness Campaign.

Do children all need to succeed the same way?

NNPA ESSA AWARENESS CAMPAIGN — Unlike widgets, children will never fit perfectly into standardized molds. They learn to walk at different ages. They learn to talk at different ages. And each child has a different set of interests and learning style. Students’ ability to demonstrate mastery in one area over another has a lot to do with their previous knowledge and exposure to out-of-the-classroom experiences. […read more]

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A Civil War Looming in South Sudan

By Bill Fletcher, Jr. NNPA Columnist   The escalating crisis in the South Sudan, a country only constituted in 2011, has brought with it growing concerns that a nation-state formed with such hope may now be on the verge of civil war.  The crisis involves Read More

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Mozambique Facing Another Civil War?

By Bill Fletcher, Jr. NNPA Columnist The news out of the southeast African nation of Mozambique has been most disturbing.  After a 21 year period of peace, Renamo—the notorious Mozambican National Resistance—has announced that it is breaking its pact with the ruling Frelimo (Mozambican Liberation Read More