Jin Zhang and Michelle Yeoh in Master Z The IpMan Legacy
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FILM REVIEW: Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy

NNPA NEWSWIRE — With Woo-Ping Yuen as the mastermind, the fight scenes are kinetic, wondrous and almost balletic. At times the combat is violent. Other times it’s as if the fighters are involved in highly elaborate and tightly constructed choreography. Imagine West Side Story told with an Asian twist, where the Jets and Sharks gangs go at it kung fu style. Then hold that thought and ponder if Master Z… would make a captivating theater piece. […read more]

Tao Zhao in Ash Is Purest White
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FILM REVIEW: Ash Is Purest White

NNPA NEWSWIRE — Jia Zhangke is a consummate storyteller—an artist. He takes his time weaving his magic. His pacing is deliberate (Matthieu Laclau, editor). He drags you into a universe where people on the fringes, who menace each other, are no more than small-time crooks in a very big country. And the duet he’s created between the two scoundrels is filled with pauses and silent moments that give you time to explore them. […read more]


Google’s Gmail Blocked in China

  (Reuters) – Google Inc’s Gmail was blocked in China after months of disruptions to the world’s biggest email service, with an anti-censorship advocate suggesting the Great Firewall was to blame. Large numbers of Gmail Web addresses were cut off in China on Friday, said GreatFire.org, a China-based freedom of speech Read More


Chinese Hackers Hit U.S. Personnel Networks

  WASHINGTON (AP) — Chinese hackers broke into the computer networks of the Office of Personnel Management earlier this year with the intention of accessing the files of tens of thousands of federal employees who had applied for top-secret security clearances, according to The New York Times. Senior Read More


Beyond the Rhetoric: A Tale of Two Presidents

By Harry C. Alford NNPA Columnist The contrast between the attitudes of China’s President Xi Jinping and our President Barack Obama is absolutely shocking.  President Xi is straight up about business.  In fact, he is very aggressive.  President Obama seems to be reticent about the Read More


China and U.S. Urged to Work More Closely

by George E. Curry NNPA Editor-in-Chief WASHINGTON (NNPA) – With China and the United States on track to become each other’s largest trading partner by 2022, leaders of the nation’s two largest economies need to work more closely to remove barriers that hamper trade between Read More


China’s Xi Will Meet Obama Earlier Than Expected

BEIJING (AP) — China’s new leader Xi Jinping will confer with President Barack Obama next month in California, months earlier than expected, as both sides seek to stem a drift in relations, troubled by issues from cyberspying to North Korea. The June 7-8 meeting at Read More


China approves GM’s $1.3B plant

[UPI] China has approved U.S. automaker General Motors’ plan to build a $1.3 billion plant in Shanghai, the official media said. Xinhua News Agency, quoting the automaker, said the plant with a production capacity of 150,000 units would be located in Shanghai’s Jinqiao district and Read More


China Prepares to Become the World’s Largest Economy

China Prepares to Become the World’s Largest Economy by George E. Curry NNPA Editor-in-Chief (LAST IN A SERIES) SHANGHAI (NNPA) – In less than 15 years, according to projections by investment banking firm Goldman Sachs and the United States National Intelligence Council, China will overtake Read More


China in Denial about its Race Problem

Julia Wilson discusses recent changes in China with Jiang Haishan, vice president of the China Executive Leadership Academy Pudong in Shanghai. (Photo by Ann Ragland/NNPA) Atlanta native Carl Humphrey says image of Blacks has improved in China (Photo courtesy of Carl Humphrey). Lynne Coleman (right) Read More