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[PHOTO] Dr. E. Faye Williams, president of NCBW said that Judge Garland Merrick’s record indicates that, absent the opportunity to finally have a Black woman selected, he is well suited to fill the position on the Supreme Court.

MARCH 16, 2016

Karen McRae
Phone: (202) 678-6788

WASHINGTON, DC – Dr. E. Faye Williams, President of the National Congress of Black Women, said the following after learning President Obama’s selection of a Supreme Court nominee was not a Black woman as she had hoped:


Obviously, I am disappointed that while Black women were initially considered, the President in the end did not send the name of a Black woman to the Senate for consideration. We already know the silly games that would be played with her. Sadly, I do understand why Black women have to wait again. The fact that Attorney General Loretta Lynch turned down any opportunity to be considered tells us a lot about what the process would be like under this Republican led Senate. She’s been there so she knows. I want a Black woman to be nominated when she is going to realize serious consideration for the position.


“I don’t want a Black woman to be bashed and battered by a group of men who don’t even come close to having the credentials a Black woman nominee has. We already know they wouldn’t confirm her-no matter what. When a Black woman goes to the Senate for consideration, I want her to have a real and fair chance of succeeding on her merits and not denied because a group of insecure men can’t deal with the fact that a brilliant President who happens to be a Black man has made the nomination.

“Judge Garland Merrick’s record indicates that absent the opportunity to finally have a Black woman selected, he is well suited to fill the position on the Supreme Court. The fact that he mentors his clerks to serve their communities is one of the key qualities that give him a positive evaluation from me. We’ve seen enough anger in the Presidential race. So, my thousands of members and I will save our hope for another day for the next nominee to be a Black woman.”

For additional information or to schedule an interview, please call (202) 678-6788 or visit www.nationalcongressbw.org.

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