Michael Jackson’s Mother, Katherine Jackson, Reportedly Gravely Ill

Katherine Jackson (Photo source: Facebook.com)
Katherine Jackson (Photo source: Facebook.com)

By Stacy M. Brown, NNPA Newswire Correspondent

Katherine Jackson, the matriarch of the famed Jackson family, is reportedly gravely ill, with family members already fighting over her share of the late Michael Jackson’s estate.

Outlets like Radar Online, the National Enquirer and even Atlanta Black Star have reported that Jackson, 88, is facing brain surgery.

Previously, the outlets reported that Jackson has had several strokes and other ailments that have left her wheelchair-bound and dependent upon caretakers.

The latest reports also suggest that several of Jackson’s children have engaged in a fierce battle to control their mother’s share of the late King of Pop’s vast estate – valued at more than $1 billion.

“Now everybody in the family is jockeying for position!” a source told the National Enquirer. Although a rep denied it, two family insiders claimed the great-grandmother has suffered from excruciating headaches, leading to a hospital visit in late summer, the tabloid reported.

“Katherine is in dire condition,” another source told RadarOnline.com. “Now everybody in the family is jockeying for position.”

“Her doctor thought she had a stroke,” another unnamed source – described as an insider – told Radar. According to another source, Katherine remained hospitalized for about a week.

“More tests were conducted to see if her condition might be something even more serious – like a brain tumor,” the source said.

The family insider said doctors discovered a golf ball-sized growth on Katherine’s brain and declared she must undergo surgery as soon as possible.

While some doubt the veracity of unnamed sources, several members of the Jackson family are well-known for speaking off the record and requesting anonymity.

Michael Jackson, who died in 2009, provided stories about himself and his family to the National Enquirer, according to his former publicist and others around the Jacksons.

Earlier this year, family patriarch Joseph Jackson died at the age of 89 after a bout with cancer.

Multiple outlets had reported that Joseph had been alienated from the family after he publicly tried to cash in on Michael Jackson’s 2009 death by employing look-a-likes and holding press conferences to push new music and other material while the family mourned the “Thriller” singer.

Battles over the King of Pop’s fortune reportedly began moments after he was pronounced dead, with Katherine, Latoya and others searching his Los Angeles home and beseeching Jackson’s former nanny to tell them where cash may have been stashed inside.

Now, sources have told news outlets that Katherine’s children are elbowing each other to ensure they get their slice of the pie before — and after — Katherine dies.

She currently pays out a combined $37,000 a month to daughters La Toya, 62, and Rebbie, 68, a source told Radar.

Katherine also forks out $12,000 to son Jermaine, 64, and nearly $10,000 to pay the rent for some of Jermaine’s and Randy’s children.

“Some of those people want her to live so they can stay on the gravy train,” a source told the tabloid. “Others would like to see her go, thinking they’ll get even more from her estate!”

Born in Barbour County, Alabama, on May 4, 1930, Katherine and Joseph married in 1949 and had 10 children together including superstars Michael and Janet.

A musician and singer, Katherine, along with Joseph, encouraged the family to pursue a career in music. She’s made very few recent public appearances – once at her grandson’s concert in Los Angeles; later at another show featuring one of her granddaughters and at Joseph Jackson’s funeral in August.

Katherine and Joseph Jackson had nearly 30 grandchildren and, despite varying media reports, the two never divorced.

On the latest news, a Jackson source told NNPA Newswire that “Katherine is in good hands. Don’t believe the hype.”

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    • Yeah his family has been leaching off his good will for decades….a bunch of vultures…and now that the mom is going to die soon they are all nervous that the gravy train will end…what a bunch of pathetic loosers…

    • If you believe anything vile tabloids like the National Enquirer, RAdar Online and pathological liars like Stacy Bown says you will believe anything. Notice he said that MJ “provided stories about himself and his family to the National Enquirer, according to his former publicist and others around the Jacksons”
      That publicist is Bob Jones who after MJ fired him and admitted he needed many teamed up with Stacy Brown to write a trashbook filled with nasty lies. MJ never gave anything to the National Enquirer. They were more than capable of making up bogus stories about him on their own.

      • You are sadly misled and blinded.You dont and didnt know this family and this writer apparently did. Did some homework and the number is actually$227.5 million in settlement, attorney, buy offs and other fees that it cost MJ over the years in child abuse allegations. Also American Media tax filings show MJ on payroll from 1987 to 1998 with his SS #. Also showed Rebbie Jackson on payroll from 2000 to 2007; Latoya Jackson for 4 years Rebbie’s husband Nathaniel for 7 years and Jermaine from 1997 to 2000. You hate people like the writer because they simply report whats fact and in fact Brown notes in article that a Jackson person denied KJ being gravely ill. Media reports whats there. Highly doubt Black Press USA or NY Post would allow false reporting and Jacksons has sued other media but never Brown nor publications carrying his articles so it must be accurate. Either way i dont care about this story but yall need to get a life

  1. This story is bogus. Her child Michael left a fortune and his assets should go to kin. He had a will that included his whole family but a judge ripped up that will and put in a bogus will. Never trust Radar and Inquire and sources.

      • Yes, great question. It is so easy for those who hate to believe any negative story about this family. They have no facts to base this article on save for this media outlet stating hearsay. The comments here are pathetic. Say a prayer for this family and for her healing and stop your judging them.

    • How sad and dis-graceful! Where does the “heart of the matter.fit in here? I for one, love Michael, his talent, his energy, his stage presence, his love for people… especially children. For this kind of behavior and greed to be consuming his family, I am sure would be most upsetting for Michael because he loved everyone and gave so much of himself as well as his fortune, to others. May God have mercy on their souls, and may Michael R.I.P. LONG LIVE THE KING OF POP…MICHAEL JACKSON!!

    • You hit the nail on the coffin! The only person who was financially stable was Micheal’s sister Janet Jackson. The rest of this no takenless clan was broke, owing lots of monies to creditors.

      Not surprised not surprised at the greed which comes out of families when there is money involved. Sad

  2. The state is controlling Micheal Jackson’s money, that’s what Micheal wanted. Katherine and the children BJ get a monthly allowances. Just like Elvis’s estate Grace land, they pay Lisa Marie Presley an allowance.

  3. This woman done bared 10 children, rised,loved, and supported her family as well as being the rock that holds them together; and all her children can think about is Money! That goes to show that family can serve as an enemy, that’s why God says don’t put no one before him.

  4. I believe That God Has the Last say if her Children are fighting over her now I can Imagine what foolish will happen and please Jermaine have a set you was always in Micheal lime light.Everyone in that family has Issues just pray for Mrs Jackson and the family.

    • The Jackson family started as the Jackson5, Michaels brothers helped to create the image of Michael which we all love. They worked hard along with him and deserve anything that was built from that legacy

  5. Why is Catherine always portrayed as some kind of saint? She allowed Joe to emotionally ( and likely physically) abuse her children, especially Michael. She condoned and as a parent is somewhat responsible for all the weird behavior of her children. She had her hand out to Michael just like the rest of them and now financially supports them with Michael’s money when it should all be for his children. And by the way, it’s always been reported and even Paris admitted that Prince, Paris and Blanket have not been well taken care of by her. I’m sorry that bevause ill and wish her the best, but let’s not rewrite history because she’s sick

  6. I think the media puts out entertainment for us to squabble over. All families famous or not fight over assets when a love one is no longer here that does not mean they don’t love one another. If a family member doesn’t get it believe me there will be some unrelated vulgers out there to claim the piece of pie. People are so opinionated. Michael was a talented man, he brought so much joy to people all over the world with his music. Through his music we were able to build family memories and see new talent.Mrs. and Mr. Jackson reared some talented children. However, the money situation ends the money should be managed and given to a Jackson member because Michael would want his hard work to stay in the family regardless.

    • You are 100% correct Sonja E Johnson, thank you for your comment. God is the planner of all plans, and everything will be ok! May God continue to lift the Jackson Family with unity and love, through this time dealing with Mrs. Jackson’s Illness, what ever it may be. And all due respects to the family members, they should all be concentrating on her wellness, because her love is more then any amount of money.

  7. I love Michael since I was in my teens now 61. All you can do is put it in gods hands. Once you commit a sin god is the only one to pass judgement and greed is a sin. May god have mercy on their souls.

  8. Thank you, Timothy, for having the foresight to see past the hype. Media writers earn their living by creating stories such as these…negativity sells. Yes, they are his family and should receive. My prayer is that Mrs. Jackson makes it through this and be well enough to continue living a good life for more years to come.

  9. Stacy Brown was a former associate of MJ… Can’t believe the tabloids or radar online. Scum sucking parasitic pseudo journalism.

  10. Many members of this family have been content to live off the reflected light of what once was and from Janet and Michael’s money they have given to their mother. Katherine has had a good life and she has had a lot of sadness. She has buried 2 sons, ( Michael and Marlon’s infant twin), she watched her daughter Latoya go through so much with her ex-husband/manager, and of course her husband’s infidelities. That doesn’t even cover all the awful accusations people made over the years. Without Katherine that family will be without its conscience. I saw my own family fall apart after the Matriarch passed away. I hope when her time comes the family doesn’t try to keep her alive on machines just so they can keep cashing checks.

  11. By the way, we reached out to the Jacksons for this article and the one representative (as noted in the story) said: “Don’t believe the hype.” It is our sincere hope that Mrs. Jackson recovers from any illness she may have. It is this author’s opinion that this family would greatly miss her strength, resolve, and determination and if she were to pass away, the family as the world knows them would be no more.

    • And where is the proof that MJ paid 200 million to 20 families as you wrote in the New York Post? You wrote the judge didn’t allow that evidence in but the transcripts show Sneddon didn’t even try to introduce such evidence as it never existed. The judge DID allow the two actual settlements with the Chandlers and Francias. There were no more than that. You lied.

  12. His will divides the fortune by 40% for his mother Katherine, 40% for his 3 children and 20% for charities. Fallen Katherine 40% are divided among the children of Michael. End of the story.

  13. Sources told Radar.


    Name those sources, let’s see if they even exist and if they do how credible they are. Tabloids systematically make up stories then hide behind unnamed sources and paid liars.

  14. Mrs Jackson was a good mom back when her kids were young and still is a still talking care of her kids. I come from a family of 10 kids my mom lost one the second to the last from being a diabetic. Dr told her not to have any more. But she did because that’s what a wife did . When you have that many kids you love you will put with anything your husband tells you to do. Woman did not leave thier husband or thier kids. It just wasn’t done. So when the person said she could have done this or that when the kids were growing up they don’t have a clue the power they held over thier wife. My dad was a drunk beat my mom when we were little and watch her die at 43. This Lady got them threw hard times and now that’s it’s good it’s never enough. Michael loved his mom she knew it and she was the light for him in the days that seem darkest growing up.Give it up for this woman that went threw hell for yrs. A wife beater as well as the kids. My prayers are with this Mom who deserves more then the fighting over money. She deserves repect and love. I Lost my mom when I was 20 yrs old. I tell anyone who had or had thier mom in their life to see her Grandkids should feel truly blessed. Praying for you Mom Jackson get well and give them ungrateful kids of yours hell!

  15. The Outlets who are claiming these stories are Radar Online, the National Enquirer and even Atlanta Black Star. Okay. That’s all I needed to know to Ignor this Story. People (sources) get paid big money by these unreliable tabloid outlets to say anything.

    She’s old now and is sickly that’s already known. Now here comes the wild stories.

  16. Ok, all I needed to see was who these outlets providing this info were. Radar Online, the National Enquirer and even Atlanta Black Star, please. SMH. The most unreliable Tabloid Outlets.

    People (sources) get paid big money by these unreliable tabloid outlets to say anything. Yes, she’s old now and is sickly that’s already known.

  17. bullshit !!!
    The Michael Jackson Family Trust was created to ensure that, upon Michael Jackson’s death, his estate would be distributed according to his wishes. The estate, which was overseen by two appointed co-trustees, would go to charities as well as to his mother and children !

    Upon Katherine Jackson’s death, the balance of her trust is to be divided equally among Prince, Paris, and Blanket Jackson !!

  18. Render to all their dues: . . . to the one who calls for honor, such honor.​—Rom. 13:7.

    Most imperfect humans are strongly influenced by the spirit of Satan’s world. That is why people tend to idolize certain men or women rather than just show them appropriate honor and respect. They place religious and political leaders, sports figures, entertainment stars, and other celebrities on pedestals, often considering them to be almost superhuman. Hence, young and old alike look to them as role models, perhaps imitating their mannerisms, dress, or conduct. True Christians refrain from such a distorted view of honoring humans. Christ is the only human who ever lived whom we can consider a perfect role model. (1 Pet. 2:21) God would not be pleased if we extended to humans more honor than they are due. We need to bear in mind this basic truth: “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (Rom. 3:23) Truly, no human warrants the kind of honor that borders on idolatry.

  19. You people kill me. First of all Jackson paid off boys whether he was guilty or not. Boys. Kids. His own witnesses in his trial testified that if mothers said he couldn’t have sleepover with boys he’d cry! Yet people believe all the crap about Cosby and these money grubbing women when there was just ONE civil settlement for $3 million. Jackson admittedly paid Chandler $20 plus million and a youth pastor $3 million.Yet we let media tell us Cos is guilty and go with it. Fact is Jackson came from messed up family whom he hated especially Jermaine. None of them except momma Jacko in his will. Says everything. Get over it and stop attacking media who Jackson pretended to dislike but used it to the full.

  20. Well most families fight over money it’s sad, but true they show their true colors when greed plays a role. I’ve seen it happen to families that are well off.

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