Marcus Theaters to Show Milwaukee 53206

Milwaukee 53206’s poster shows a family holding a photo of a loved one behind bars. Photo credit to Transform Films.
Milwaukee 53206’s poster shows a family holding a photo of a loved one behind bars.

By Ethan Duran

On October 26, Marcus Theaters will screen the documentary Milwaukee 53206 in several different locations. 53206 will be shown at the Majestic Cinema of Brookfield, the North Shore Cinema and the South Shore Cinema. Each of these cinemas will show the movie at 7 p.m. on the 26th, 27th and the 28th.

The documentary was filmed by a network of professional filmmakers known as Transform Films Inc. Most of their projects cover topics such as race, gender, religion and social justice issues both across the country and abroad. Transform Films includes EMMY and BAFTA-winning members in its staff, according to the company website. Milwaukee 53206 takes the problem of widespread incarceration in Wisconsin and puts the issue under a microscope.

The zip code 53206 holds the highest proportion of incarceration for African-American men, rising as high as 62%, according to the video website. The documentary focuses on the families of African-American men who are currently behind bars or who have already served time. In a statement, director Keith McQuirter’s said, “With so many families living with the impact of incarceration, it was important to find real stories that allow a rare glimpse into how incarceration impacts family systems and the community at large.”

“I look forward to this documentary becoming a part of the national dialogue for change in our criminal justice system,” said McQuirter in his statement, “And I hope it will open up the hearts and minds of audiences who may be exposed to this crisis for the first time.”

According to the Prison Policy Initiative website, 40,000 Wisconsin residents are currently locked up, whether it’s in prison, local jail or federal prison. Prison incarceration has skyrocketed since 1996.

Since its release in 2016, Milwaukee 53206 has been screened across Wisconsin, the Midwest and parts of the East Coast and the South. The film’s website offers resources for programs that support ex-felons’ reintegration into society. Other programs include faith organizations and criminal justice reform groups.

This article originally appeared the Milwaukee Courier


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