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Level Up Atlanta Celebrates its One-Year Anniversary

ATLANTA VOICE — To commemorate its one-year anniversary, Level Up Atlanta hosted a special edition of its conversational series Connecting the Dots



Level Up participants (left to right) Adrienne Reeves, Courtney Miller, Thrax and Necie Love. (photo: Nijon Crew/Level Up)

By Alysha Conner


Level Up Founder Adonis Thrax (right) and Elijah Walker. (photo: Nijon Crew/Level Up)

[/media-credit] Level Up Founder Adonis Thrax (right) and Elijah Walker.

Level Up Atlanta celebrated its one-year anniversary on Sept. 20 at the Azjio Gallery. Founder and Atlanta native Adonis Thrax established Level Up Atlanta in 2017 as an event curation company for Atlanta’s creative community.

To commemorate its one-year anniversary, Level Up Atlanta hosted a special edition of its conversational series Connecting the Dots. Connecting the Dots is an educational, moderated dialogue that highlights the platforms of community leaders and entertainment industry innovators.

Some of the event’s guests included DJ Marc B (DJ for Atlanta-based rapper 21 Savage), The Gathering Spot co-founder T.K. Peterson, brand manager Eunice Wanjogu and many more.

Elijah Walker, creative producer for Adult Swim and founder of Finesse Worldwide, presided as the moderator for the evening. An alumnus of Georgia State University (GSU) along with Thrax, Walker discussed how he witnessed the growth of Thrax as an entrepreneur, dating back to event planning he coordinated while still a college student.

“He was doing a lot of amazing things that were not on a set path,” said Walker of Thrax. “He defined his own path. I think that’s what connects all of us here. We’re not here to follow someone else’s path; we’re here to define our own.”

During the event, Thrax discussed his fervent belief in surrounding oneself with those who show support consistently.

“I undoubtedly owe my success to God, my team, my family, and my friends, as well as well as everyone that I have encountered along the journey,” he said. “We meet people along the way and each of them play a part in who we turn out to become.”

His desire to uplift the Atlanta community led Thrax to create Level Up Atlanta.

When Thrax was asked why he decided to become an entrepreneur, he said, “For me I did not really want to work for anyone. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I didn’t feel like that was what I was supposed to be doing.

“I know so many dope people, (and) we never hear their stories. I probably talk to about 30 to 40 people a day. Then I was like ‘Yo, people need to hear what we’re talking about.’ Once we get everyone in the same room, we will realize how the degree of separation is very, very small.”

Regarding the next phase for his company, Thrax said, “We will be featuring a

wider variety of guests. The music space is a huge part of what we do, but the bigger

picture extends beyond just one industry. We look forward to working with more local businesses as well.”

As Thrax continuously expands Level Up Atlanta, he admits that he consistently readjusts his goals, in an attempt to have a positive impact on as many Atlanteans as possible.

“I see myself continuing to lead my team and growing Level Up Atlanta to impact and reach more people,” he said. “We have many objectives that center around uplifting our local and surrounding communities. With hard work, patience and teamwork, it will happen in God’s time.”

The next Connecting the Dots event is scheduled for later in October.

This article originally appeared in the Atlanta Voice

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