Impress BAE for Sweetest Day with a Personal Chef

By AJ Williams, Michigan Chronicle City.Life.Style Editor, Michigan Chronicle

It’s that time again, “Sweetest Day!” This Saturday, October 20th instead of the traditional dinner and movie, impress your BAE with a personal chef experience. Not convinced that a personal chef is the move? Chef Shanel Dewalt of Divine Indulgence PCS shares the top five reasons why a personal chef will have your sweetie ready to return the favor (insert wink)!

Try Something Different: You and your special someone can avoid waiting for a table, being stuck in traffic, not getting a reservation at your favorite restaurant, etc. A Personal Chef comes right to your home and provides the ultimate dining experience.

Easy Clean Up: A personal chef handles the clean up of it all. We will handle the mess. Your only responsibility is to enjoy your evening.

The Luxury & Intimacy of it All: Imagine having a five-star dining experience in the comfort of your home. Providing you with a delectable experience is our number one priority. You have our undivided attention

A great gift: This is a great gift to give to your special someone. We love hosting surprise dinners for our clients. Having a personal chef is a great touch. Give your special someone an experience to remember.

You can have whatever you want: The Menu is curated around your personal taste in addition to our expertise. We heighten your taste buds utilizing fresh seasonal ingredients designed to make you want more.

For information or to book Chef Dewalt visit

This article originally appeared in the Michigan Chronicle.


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