How Important Do You Think The Black The Vote Is In Upcoming Midterm Elections?

Iman Hassan…
I think they’re very important because of the  things that have been happening for these last two years.  I am able to vote. I think if students or millenials voted more often or if Black people voted more often  we would have had a better outcome, instead of this current president.  And I feel like it wouldn’t be such a mess, the racism wouldn’t be so outspoken.  I’ve seen the racism issue within the Black community, outside the Black community, targeted toward  the Black community a lot more ever since Trump became president  and I’ve also seen the rise in Islamophobia.

Selam Demile…
I think the Black vote is very important at this point, this time, period.  Especially the young Black vote, the millennials, the young people do not believe their  vote matters.  They think “oh it’s just one vote it’s not going to change anything.”  And you don’t really pay attention to what’s happening and it’s really important to our future.  While we are not really paying attention, people that are voting are the older generations and White people who vote a lot more than any other demographics, they are more involved, but it’s our future so we should be more involved.

Voting is always important and the Black vote is a valuable political tool. It is a civic duty. Is there behind the scenes manipulation, of course, that is politics, but we still must do our part to insure some sense of a voice. The power to vote politicians out on a local level is still viable and works. What we must do is vote in people who won’t become corrupted by the political process.

Emma Jay…
I think the Black vote in this upcoming election is so important because we for years we have been oppressed and there has been no one there to represent us and if someone could represent us that would be so important right now.  We need to stay up and take a chance while we can right now because it will affect our future and you know our past made it possible for us to have a future.

Amesha Lawton…
I don’t believe our vote will  count. It’s been proven that they will put in office who they really want.  The constitution was written to be against us anyway, so our rights will never be respected.  That’s pretty much it.



Ms. Thompson…
I vote every year on every level, midterms, primaries and general elections. Whether or not the Black vote has value on the local levels it does, on a national level it does. Whether any citizens vote has value within the process it has been proven that our value has not been taken into account and that’s sad.


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  1. Sad n Stupid
    Blacks should vote if no body vote. Many people died killed mistreated marched and on n on so much happen for them not to even walk up to a facility and vote. Such a dam shame

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