#HellaDOPE: 12th and VIV’s PYOC (Pour Your Own Candle) Experience

12th and VIV (YouTube Screenshot)
12th and VIV (YouTube Screenshot)

By AJ Williams

If you haven’t heard of 12th & VIV I won’t judge you and pull your Detroit card, but you should know already know about one of the dopest up and coming #BlackGirlMagic candle companies in the game located right here in Detroit.

12th & VIV not only offers candles but also body butter, oils and sprays to make your crib a haven of come hither or just come namaste. Daughter and Mom dynamic duo Darian Cook and Regina Walton out of the box thinking is one of the reasons 12th & VIV is so popular and continuing on that innovative wavelength has introduced PYOC (Pour Your Own Candle) experiences.

City.Life.Style. dropped in over the holidays to see what 12th & VIV’s PYOC was all about:

For more information on 12th & VIV or to book your own PYOC visit www.12thandviv.com and follow them on Instagram @12thandVIV

This article originally appeared in the Michigan Chronicle


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