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Guests Wear Ponchos, Sombreros and Construction Gear at ‘Border Patrol’ Fraternity Party



A decoration from the Texas Fiji 'Border Patrol' party at the University of Texas (Courtesy of The Daily Texan)

A decoration from the Texas Fiji ‘Border Patrol’ party at the University of Texas (Courtesy of The Daily Texan)


(The Daily Texan) – Texas Fiji hosted a party guests said had a “border patrol” theme Saturday night, where attendees wore construction gear, ponchos and sombreros.

Other guests wore army camouflage outfits.

According to Fiji fraternity president Andrew Campbell, the party was this year’s annual Fiji Marshals event, a “western-themed party which focuses on the traditional old west.” Multiple attendees said the party’s theme was communicated as “border patrol.” Among the several hundred attendees, many wore construction hard hats with the names “Jefe” and “Pablo Sanchez” written on them, as well as reflective vests and work gloves.

Decorations included painted photo cutout boards of people dressed in traditional Mexican attire. The bar was painted to resemble a Mexican flag, with the shape of Texas in the middle.


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