Google May Launch US Wireless Service Powered by T-Mobile and Sprint as Early as This Week



(ZDNet) – ZDNet’s Liam Tung posted the news that Google was planning to get into the mobile data business back in January. According to a Wall Street Journal report Google’s wireless service may launch as early as this week in the US.

The service will reportedly be powered by T-Mobile and Sprint, the third and fourth largest US wireless carriers. Unlike traditional carrier plans, it’s likely that Google will only bill customers for the data they actually use each month.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the service will initially only work on Google’s Nexus 6 smartphone. The phone will reportedly switch between the two networks to find the optimal signal. WiFi will also be used for phone calls to help keep your bill low.

T-Mobile and AT&T have new plan options that support rolling over unused data so it will be interesting to see how Google can differentiate itself in today’s market. T-Mobile keeps pushing other carriers with its Uncarrier offerings and Google may push carriers even further.



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