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Cosby Trial Day 3: Andrea Constand and Her Mother Stick to Their Stories



By Stacy M. Brown (NNPA Newswire Contributor)

The third day of the Bill Cosby sexual assault trial was a decidedly bad day for the iconic comedian, as testimony from his accuser and her mother may have swayed weary jury, that might be growing tired of the courtroom.

Andrea Constand proved a strong witness for the prosecution, as she recounted being drugged and raped by Cosby.

And, when defense attorney Angela Agrusa pointed out the numerous telephone calls Constand made to Cosby after the incident—including two Valentine’s Day calls—prosecutors were able to show that many of those calls came after Constand checked her voicemail and merely responded to messages left by Cosby.

Then, Constand’s mother, Gianna, spoke of her conversation with Cosby whom she said admitted that “he was a sick man.”

In a dramatic phone conversation between Gianna Constand and Cosby, played in court, the comedian is heard bargaining with the mother, calling her mom, and trying to set up an education fund for Andrea Constand to return to school to obtain her master’s degree.

“You’re the boss,” Cosby says in the phone call that Constand surreptitiously recorded.

“I’m not the boss,” Gianna Constand replied.

Gianna Constand spoke in a matter of a fact tone as she recounted the “changes” she noticed in her daughter after she left Temple University in March 2004, after the alleged assault by Cosby.

“She would scream out in her sleep. She had nightmares and I didn’t know what was going on,” Gianna Constand said. “We’d sit and watch television and she’d be twitching.”

The feisty mom, who at one point had to regain her composure, said she purchased a tape recorder from Radio Shack after she had spoken with Cosby for the first time and he admitted to sexually explicit behavior with her daughter.

“I was really angry and in another state of mind,” Gianna Constand said. “I said to him that I wanted to know what he gave my daughter and why my daughter was so sick. I started getting aggressive with him and I asked him why he didn’t call 911 when she was out of it for so long after he drugged her.”

Constand added: “Our daughter was not the same person.”

Earlier, Agrusa portrayed Andrea Constand as a willing participant in a relationship which Cosby never hid his desire for romance.

Agrusa repeatedly referenced Constand’s friend, a woman named Sherry Williams, whom the former athlete continued to telephone after meetings with Cosby.

She also honed in on a late night after dinner meeting Constand had with Cosby in his hotel room at the Foxwoods Resorts and Casino in Connecticut and numerous gifts Cosby had given her and some that Constand had given Cosby like bath salts and even Constand lighting incense while she and the comedian sipped cognac and sat by a fire.

“Mr. Cosby had already made clear that he had affection for you,” Agrusa said at one point.

Constand replied, “He had never disclosed to me that he had affection for me.”

Constand said even when she began to understand Cosby’s romantic intentions, she never felt the need to distance herself from him, because he was an older man, a trustee of the school where she worked, and not someone she viewed as a threat.

Agrusa also noted the frequency in which Constand called Cosby after the alleged sex assault in 2004.

Phone records showed that Constand called Cosby six times over several days, until he appeared to call her back. Those calls included two Valentine’s Day calls from Constand to Cosby.

“Didn’t you know he was a married man? You were calling Mr. Cosby with a lot of frequency,” said Agrusa.

Constand said: “I may have been returning phone calls.”

A bright spot for Cosby outside of court occurred when, for the first time, there was a small gaggle of fans that yelled out support and pulled out their cell phones to snap pictures of the comedian.

Cosby, who was accompanied in court by actress Sheila Frazier and celebrity hairstylist John Atchison, waved and shook his head in appreciation.

Freddie Allen is the Editor-In-Chief of the NNPA Newswire and BlackPressUSA.com. Focused on Black people stuff, positively. You should follow Freddie on Twitter and Instagram @freddieallenjr.

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