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Confederate Flag Battle Sparks Debate Over Ala. High School Mascot



Vestavia Hills High School mascot "The Rebel Man"

Vestavia Hills High School mascot “The Rebel Man”

VESTAVIA HILLS, Ala. (CBS News) – In New Orleans, Gen. Robert E. Lee still faces north and stands defiant, 150 years after the South surrendered. This statue is one of four Confederate monuments mayor Mitch Landrieu wants removed.

“These ideals never belonged in a city as great as New Orleans and whose lifeblood flows from our richness and diversity,” said Landrieu.

In Vestavia Hills, Ala., the “Rebel Man” is the high school mascot. Its logo was inspired by an Old South plantation owner.

All of it bothers resident Kira Fountaineau. She was asked what she sees. “I see the Confederacy,” she said. “I see images of slavery. I see Jim Crow.”


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