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Million Dollar Grant for Detroit Artist Community Launched by TIDAL

MICHIGAN CHRONICLE — Global music streaming and entertainment platform TIDAL along with Mark Lampert & Robert Nelsen have announced the launch of TIDAL Unplugged, […read more]


“Who Made the Potato Salad?” Stage Play Kicks-Off Holiday Season With Laughter and Drama

MICHIGAN CHRONICLE — “Simply put, ‘Who Made the Potato Salad?’ is about family,” mentions writer, director and founder of LJEG, Learical Jonez. “No matter your race, everyone will be able to relate to this story because it’s about a family that is harboring secrets; so much so, some of the siblings have not spoken to each other in years. That is a very real scenario within many family units around the world and that’s the very reason why people should come see this play… for healing purposes.” […read more]


Impress BAE for Sweetest Day with a Personal Chef

MICHIGAN CHRONICLE — It’s that time again, “Sweetest Day!” This Saturday, October 20th instead of the traditional dinner and movie, impress your BAE with a personal chef experience. Not convinced that a personal chef is the move? Chef Shanel Dewalt of Divine Indulgence PCS shares the top five reasons why a personal chef will have your sweetie ready to return the favor (insert wink)! […read more]

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‘We’re Here For Justice,’ Demands Protester At A Demonstration Against The Police Killing Of Patrick Kimmons

MICHIGAN CHRONICLE — Dozens of demonstrators marched through downtown Portland, Oregon on Saturday to demand justice in the police killing of Patrick Kimmons. The police version of the Sept. 30 shooting suggested that officers were justified in fatally shooting the 27-year-old Black man, but Kimmons’ family reportedly believed the police are covering up what really happened. […read more]

Detroit Pistons head coach chatting with Michigan Chronicle publisher Hiram E. Jackson. PHOTO: Monica Morgan

New Faces, New Places Reception Showcases Black Representation in Detroit

MICHIGAN CHRONICLE — The private event was held at the N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art in midtown Detroit Thursday night, welcoming the city’s newest power players to Detroit. While the city is going through its resurgence and renaissance, there are a multitude of African-Americans who have stayed in Detroit through its hardships and many others who have been influential in its revival. […read more]