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10th Annual Community Wealth Building Day Helps Jacksonville Residents Find Dream Home

JACKSONVILLE FREE PRESS — In honor of Fair Housing Month, the  (JAREB) hosted a free event aimed at empowering individuals and families through home ownership. Community Wealth Day was held at Edward Waters College. The day featured an interactive marketplace with educational and employment opportunities in home buying. Attendees received giveaways, hands-on learning about purchasing a home, including guidance in understanding credit, credit counseling, and credit repair.  […read more]

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COMMENTARY: Bill Cosby, White Women and American History

JACKSONVILLE FREE PRESS — “In the years of Cosby’s foolishness it’s hard to believe he would believe he could do the same things as the big time White boys, but it is impossible for me to believe that those women couldn’t find anyone in the country who would listen to or believe them if they had accused Cosby of sexual assault. Most press organizations would have jumped all over such charges with wall-to-wall coverage. I will not speculate as to why they didn’t go public with their accusations against Cosby…” […read more]

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Government-sponsored race discrimination has suppressed Black homeownership and generational wealth

JACKSONVILLE FREE PRESS — An example of “de facto” segregation would be white concentration in a particular school district, simply because the surrounding neighborhood is predominately white. “It’s a myth that  unlike all the other segregations I’ve described, segregation in housing wasn’t created by government. And we tell ourselves that residential segregation will happen by accident; unlike the other kinds of segregations I’ve described.” […read more]