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Camille Cosby: A Life Spent Juggling Her Role as Public Figure with Desire to be Private



Camille Cosby and husband Bill Cosby. (AP Photo)

Camille Cosby and husband Bill Cosby. (AP Photo)


(The Washington Post) – In 1986, the wife of one complicated legend gave a piece of advice to the wife of another complicated legend.

The advice giver was Jacqueline Jackson, whose husband is the civil rights leader the Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. The advice getter was Camille Cosby, whose husband is the comedian Bill Cosby.

Mrs. Jackson told Mrs. Cosby she had “important things to say” and should share her thoughts with the world, Jackson’s daughter, Santita Jackson, told The Washington Post. Cosby, who was then in her early 40s and a mother of five, resisted. She preferred the background. She feared public speaking. It didn’t feel right.

But that piece of advice may have stuck with her, for the very next year, Cosby gave her first commencement address. The woman who had so often been a punch line as the prototypical roost-ruling mother sent off the graduating class at Howard University with a quip: “If men only knew how sexy they are when they are caring for a child.”


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Cynthia Allen-Sparks

    November 5, 2018 at 1:40 pm

    From the day I heard these foolish allegations,I never believed this man Mr. Bill Cosby raped anyone, how do you rape the willing?Mr. Cosby came through during an era of sex,and booze,and as shameful as it was…I’m sure many women and men did plenty to get ahead. One thing you won’t make me believe is that during a time when the racial divide was still at a all time high, Mr. Cosby was allowed to walk around raping women,or giving out drugs and nothing was done about it they would have found Mr. Cosby hung to one of the highest trees.Don’t believe the hype!!! Mr. Cosby is probably no doubt one of the wealthiest men left in Hollywood, let me say Black Man that is…Its stuns me how quick we are to believe what others have to say ,you know all of you people that think this won’t happen to you better watch your step the Oprah’s,JayZ,Tyler Perry, If you gotta past they will find it,and at their convenience they will use it. Wait and see. Who’s next!

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