Black Women Beware: Are Our Hair Products Killing Us?

Pfizer is currently in Phase 3 of their clinical trial for a drug to treat sickle cell disease. The company needs to enroll 350 participants within the next 2 years.


A bombshell new report from Black Women for Wellness, an LA-based advocacy and research group dedicated to the health and wellness of Black women, released a 60-page document this spring with shocking finds linking many major hair care brands to toxic and poisonous chemicals.

The report, titled Natural Evolutions: One Hair Story accuses the hair care and personal care industry of lacking regulation as well as causing major health problems among Black women.

After 5 years of research (including data collection, focus groups, and historical research), the research indicates that our beauty routines may be contributing to our demise. The consistent exposure to certain products is affecting our health.

HelloBeautiful spoke exclusively to Teni Adewumi, Environmental Justice Research and Policy Analyst for Black Women for Wellness, explaining the reasoning for conducting this study. “There wasn’t a lot of literary information on the products that we use and what that specifically means for Black women. The little information and the little research we found was not very promising. We wanted to know what group of black women might be most impacted.”

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