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Black Wall Street Spring

THE FLORIDA STAR — On Saturday, March 30th, an event was held at The Bethel Church to do just that. It was called Black Wall Street Spring, hosted by Gene Dot Com. […read more]

Rochelle Hamm

The National Geographic Visits Jacksonville To Recognize Rochelle Hamm, Widow of El Faro Victim

THE FLORIDA STAR — On February 20, 2019, The National Geographic crew flew from London to Jacksonville, FL to interview Mrs. Rochelle Hamm, the widow of Able Body Seaman Frank Hamm, who was aboard the ill-fated cargo ship El Faro. On October 1, 2015, the El Faro, in route to San Juan, Puerto Rico sailed into the Category 3 hurricane Joaquin in the Bahamas and sank, 33 crew members on the ship perished. […read more]

Westside Coach Clinton Crump holding up his teams trophy after winning his 1st City Championship after 8 years. (Photo by Michael Jennings)

Eight Means a New Beginning

THE FLORIDA STAR — Westside’s Peewee team took on Sweetwater last week in the city championship lead by head coach Clinton Crump who has been coaching for 8 years and finally won his 1st city championship. This victory speaks volumes – defeating Sweetwater coach Kevin Toliver who has dominated peewee football for years now. […read more]


COMMENTARY: “The Magnificent Seven” – Donald is Denzel

FLORIDA STAR — “The Magnificent Seven” is fiction, the modern-day remake of a classic Western. In real life, however, a rich villain has taken over the town—your town and towns all across America. He promised to reopen mines in West Virginia, steel mills in Pennsylvania, build a wall on the border between the U.S. and Mexico, and drain the swamp, but instead he’s robbing the country blind for his family, himself, and his rich compadres. […read more]