Boos Goon (Photo by: THe Florida Star)

Failing Boss Goon and Other Local Artists Like Him

THE FLORIDA STAR — Up and coming rapper Boss Goon aka Willie Addison did not get the full opportunity to show the world how incredible an artist he was. […read more]

Westside Coach Clinton Crump holding up his teams trophy after winning his 1st City Championship after 8 years. (Photo by Michael Jennings)

Eight Means a New Beginning

THE FLORIDA STAR — Westside’s Peewee team took on Sweetwater last week in the city championship lead by head coach Clinton Crump who has been coaching for 8 years and finally won his 1st city championship. This victory speaks volumes – defeating Sweetwater coach Kevin Toliver who has dominated peewee football for years now. […read more]


COMMENTARY: “The Magnificent Seven” – Donald is Denzel

FLORIDA STAR — “The Magnificent Seven” is fiction, the modern-day remake of a classic Western. In real life, however, a rich villain has taken over the town—your town and towns all across America. He promised to reopen mines in West Virginia, steel mills in Pennsylvania, build a wall on the border between the U.S. and Mexico, and drain the swamp, but instead he’s robbing the country blind for his family, himself, and his rich compadres. […read more]