Representative Mike Curcio urges members of the House subcommittee on Criminal Justice to pass his bill that will strip Nashville’s COB of its subpoena power and remove COB members who come from communities most affected by police violence. The bill, HB 658, now heads to the full House for a floor vote.

Dickson Republican Tell House Committee Cutting COB is Best Practice

THE TENNESSEE TRIBUNE — Representative Mike Curcio repeatedly and mistakenly cited a 2001 National Institute of Justice (NIJ) article. […read more]


Protect Our Care Bus Stops in Music City

TENNESSEE TRIBUNE — “Last April I walked into a doctor’s office with a nagging cough and I walked out with a stage-four cancer diagnosis,” said Laura Packard. Six months of chemotherapy and a month of radiation saved Packard’s life. “It cost about a million dollars to keep me alive and that’s money that most of us just don’t have,” she said… […read more]

Four-year olds sit for a pre-school staple: listening to a story.

Everything You Didn’t Learn in Kindergarten Will Hurt You

TENNESSEE TRIBUNE — NASHVILLE, TN — DeeAnne Miree loves to come to work in the morning. She is principal of the Cambridge Early Learning Center in Antioch. It was built with a $33 million Department of Education grant and is one of two preschools in the country using Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) practices to study implicit bias in early childhood education. The other preschool is in New Jersey. […read more]