The Augsburg “diverse dozen”: (l-r, row 1) Camille Porter, Camryn Speese (l-r, row 2) Arianna Jones, Kaezha Wubben, Selena Lor, Sydney Fields (l-r, row 3) Tamira McLemore, Aiza Wilson, Pashia Scott, Destiny Cummings, Tehya Hampton, Jazmyn SolsethPhoto by Dr. Mitchell Palmer McDonald

COMMENTARY: Finally, Five Black Starters at a Minnesota University Game

MINNESOTA SPOKESMAN-RECORDER — A local reporter once asked me if there were ever five Black women’s college basketball starters locally, other than in visiting HBCUs or a forward-thinking team […read more]


BOOKS: New Book Evokes Memories of Tiger Fever

MINNESOTA SPOKESMAN RECORDER — The Tigers’ championship run a half-century ago, capped by winning the 1968 World Series in dramatic and historic fashion, was a healing salvo for a fractured city. The players said as much, reports Brendan Donley who, traveling by car or by plane, spoke to many of the surviving team members of both Detroit and St. Louis and assembled their accounts in An October to Remember, 1968 (Sports Publishing). […read more]