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After Failing in Charlotte, Lance Stephenson Is Just What the Clippers Need



Lance Stephenson (Chuck Burton/AP Photo)

Lance Stephenson (Chuck Burton/AP Photo)

LOS ANGELES (Bleacher Report) — The only right time to bring a knucklehead onto your team is when the knucklehead actually wants to make things right.

Knuckleheads will overstep bounds, take liberties and flout authority…unless they’ve previously failed to the point they arrive with actual humility and true intention to fit in.

That’s why the Los Angeles Clippers’ gamble with Lance Stephenson, which the team announced Monday night, makes sense now.

Stephenson failed by every anecdotal evaluation or advanced metric last season. Of course he did.

He had just gotten his free-agent jackpot that validated in his mind he was indeed better than the 40th overall slot he fell to in the 2010 draft.


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