7-year-old author releases book to improve children’s vocabulary

“Kayla & Kyle The Walking Dictionaries: Election Day”
“Kayla & Kyle The Walking Dictionaries: Election Day”

By Sierra Porter

Author Nicholas Baumah recently debuted his first book, Saturday, Dec. 15 at the Barnes & Noble in Snellville, Georgia. His new book, “Kayla & Kyle The Walking Dictionaries: Election Day,” is the first in a series that he plans on using to help improve literacy and vocabulary standards amongst children.

By the way, Baumah is only 7-years-old. The second grader was able to sell at least 40 books within the first hour of his debut.

Baumah expressed that his purpose for writing the book came from wanting to help children expand their vocabulary through experiences of the book’s two main characters, Kayla and Kyle.

“I came up with the title and my mom created the Kayla character,” Buamah said. “Then it was the walking dictionaries because we wanted to help kids expand their vocabulary.”

The honor roll student’s mother, Danielle Buamah, developed the character of Kayla to help her son expand his vocabulary. Miss Buamah then thought it would be an excellent idea for her son to write a book to help his friends better their vocabulary.

According to the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), the knowledge that a student has about a topic is based on the vocabulary of that particular information. Proving that a student’s vocabulary level is vital to their success not only in school but in life.

The Georgia Department of Education’s “Georgia Milestones 2017-2018 Statewide Scores” indicate that younger students are slightly improving in English.

Buamah’s bright mind helped him create the character Kyle and thus “Kayla & Kyle The Walking Dictionaries: Election Day” was created.

“I picked election day because I had a whole bunch of titles to choose from and I love Barack Obama so much,” he said. “I picked him because he did a lot during his election term.”

The book demonstrates the characters, Kayla and Kyle, competing against each other to become their school’s next class president. Kayle and Kyle have a class debate to show their leadership abilities.

So far, “Kayla & Kyle The Walking Dictionaries: Election Day” has been accepted into the Library of Congress.

“I felt very excited when it got into the Library of Congress,” Buamah said.

His father, Dominic the author’s father continues to encourage his son to try new things that will benefit his future.

Buamah has grand plans for his book and wants to work on more volumes of the book.

“I would like to see it in every elementary school library in the United States,” Buamah said.

He’s already working on his next book and hopes to release 20 more volumes to help children expand their vocabulary.

Outside of being an author, Buamah aspires to be a mechanical engineer and attend the illustrious Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“Kayla & Kyle The Walking Dictionaries: Election Day” can be purchased at Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, and through www.MotherHubbard.us.

This article originally appeared in the Atlanta Voice



  1. Congratulations Nicholas – hope further articles spell your name correctly
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    2. Baumah is only 7-years-old – or –
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