Naughty or Nice? Uber Starts Charging Passengers $2 Booking Fee in New York

  (Tech Times) – Uber, the cab service that has been courting controversy in recent times, has pulled another fast one on passengers on Christmas Eve. The company will now be charging passengers a $2 booking fee in New York. The service is advertised as Read More


Race and the Race

  (Politico) – Bobby Jindal is Indian-American, but you’ll never hear him describe himself that way. Marco Rubio insists he’s an “American of Hispanic descent.” And Ted Cruz “certainly” identifies as Hispanic, but he didn’t run for office as “the Hispanic guy.” These Republican lawmakers, along Read More


Dixie Rising

  (Politico) – The Deep South has elected Republicans to every top office in the region. Now it wants to be sure that clout extends to the choice of the GOP’s 2016 presidential nominee. Officials in five Southern states — Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama and Read More


Best Films of 2014

By Dwight Brown NNPA Film Critic As 2014 draws to a close it’s a perfect time to reflect on noteworthy films, strong performances and the strides that black artists made this past year. It’s also a good time to spotlight the top-quality movies that will vie Read More


T-Mobile is the Tech Company of the Year

  (CNN) – T-Mobile had a more remarkable 2014 than any other American tech company. Sure, Apple (AAPL) unveiled the iWatch and Apple Pay. Microsoft (MSFT) has been on an absolute tear since new CEO Satya Nadella took over in February. Netflix (NFLX) solved its speed issues. And Facebook (FB) dominated the social landscape with its Read More


You’re Not Disabled. You Eat Junk.

  (Bloomberg View) – The decision by Europe’s highest court that obesity can be a disability will only make a bad problem worse. Too many people in rich countries are already overweight. Giving them legal grounds to feel righteous about their condition, regardless of its causes, will almost certainly expand their ranks. Read More


Food Can Burn Calories

  by Valecia Weeks Special to the NNPA from the Houston Forward-Times What is that hideous word “DIET”? Well, it’s simply food and drink regularly consumed or as the kind and amount of food prescribed for a person or animal for a special reason; whereas, we divas define Read More


De Blasio’s Nightmare

  (Politico) – Bill de Blasio, like his progressive political idol Barack Obama, is finding out that you can’t do the New Politics if you don’t pay attention to the old politics. In Obama’s case, it was a failure to recognize the threat posed to Read More


Film Review: ‘Annie’

By Dwight Brown NNPA Film Critic On the surface, there is absolutely no reason to update the classic Broadway show Annie, which was already adapted for the screen in 1982.  But this multicultural cast redux adds a hip swag to the classic kid’s story. This Annie is urban, Read More