Video: Charleston County Deputy Gave Bryant Heyward Less than 2 Seconds Before Shooting

 (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)
(AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)


CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. (The Post and Courier) — A Charleston County deputy shouted “show me your hands” and gave Bryant Heyward less than two seconds to drop the gun that the Hollywood man was using to defend himself against intruders last week, according to dashboard camera video released Monday.

Before the two seconds were up and before he was finished yelling “show me your hands” a second time, Deputy Keith Tyner shot twice at Heyward, critically wounding him Thursday behind the 26-year-old man’s home in Hollywood.

The video shows Tyner’s response to 5923 Scott White Road. He waited for Master Deputy Richard Powell to show up and provide backup.

Heyward had summoned their help through a 911 call in which he said that two gunman were trying to break into his home as he hid the laundry room.





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