Vandals Spray Pay Hate Speech on Truck in Spring, Texas

Vandals Spray Pay Hate Speech on Truck in Spring, Texas

Well guarded by state and local police, members of the Ku Klux Klan held a rally on the steps of City Hall in Meriden, Connecticut, Saturday, March 20, 1982. The rally was peaceful, but Klan head Bill Wilkinson’s speech was drowned out by the crowd. (AP Photo/Bob Child)
 (AP Photo/Bob Child)

Lauren Talarico, KHOU 11 NEWS

SPRING, Texas ( — A Spring family is trying to figure out who vandalized their truck overnight with hate speech and derogatory pictures.

While many people used the extra day off from work to relax, Darren and Hayli Franke spent their Friday scrubbing their vandalized truck.

“They put KKK all over it,” said Darren. “I have no affiliation with the clan whatsoever!”

“It was scary and it was embarrassing,” added Hayli Franke.

The married couple said their family friend made the disturbing discovery Friday morning.

“My black friend, he’s been here for two days,” explained Darren. “Me and him hung out in the yard and just mowed the grass and hanging out around the house yesterday. We woke up this morning and he goes, ‘Man you need to go look at your truck!'”