Fernando Gonzalez

In this June 2, 2014 file photo, Cuban intelligence agent Fernando Gonzalez, known as one of the “Cuban Five,” poses for a portrait in front of a poster showing the three Cuban intelligence agents imprisoned in the U.S, from left, Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labanino, and Antonio Guerrero after a press conference in Havana, Cuba. The three Cubans were released by the U.S. on Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2014 in exchange for U.S. citizen Alan Gross from Cuba. They’re part of the so-called Cuban Five – a group of men who were part of the “Wasp Network” sent by Cuba’s then-President Fidel Castro to spy in South Florida. Two of the Cuban Five, including Gonzalez, were previously released after finishing their sentences. (AP Photo/Franklin Reyes, File)

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